Wednesday, December 30, 2009

life in the silver

if life was a black and white stream I think I'd find myself somewhere lost in the silver. There is a time in in the beginning of film making which only shows us silver. Black and White, yes. But really it is silver. It is everything pretty. Life was washed in low focus and beautiful, blurry lines that really seduced the romance from the method. Its interesting that humanity could not have been all that different from one generation to the next, but because of the achingly beautiful footage of soft, hazy light and no color we are left with an impression of a dream world. A world full of passion. Long, closed mouth kisses that zipper up cleanly at the end of the night. Soft, gray rain storms that shower us in just enough water that we need a warm hand to walk us home. Ideal? Maybe life would be better if left in the black, white, and silver. A time where tears were as romantic as lingerie, weddings were plucked out of a garden of fairy tales, and femininity wasn't looked down on. I think its a beautiful in the silver.

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  1. I've always identified with that period, and silver yet has equalled, for me, not only the classic studio Hollywood period, but equally, the Factory-era Edie Sedgewick of Andy Warhol's star-studded dreamworld, before the ravages of addiction took her (and it) down into the dreary New York sewers. Later by 1973, Iggy Pop's skin-tight silver pants would throw it all back in the establishment's face with renewed aplomb, but that is yet another story. Ahhhh, yes... silver magic.